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“Elders economic initiative” means a subcategory of the Economic Development Initiative that is specifically designated for projects and programs of particular interest to and/or for the benefit of elders, meaning those persons being over the age of 65 years who reside in the primrose lake area. These may include projects for elders housing units and special care facilities, training programs in traditional economic activities, skills, crafts, and other projects and programs designed to meet the special needs or interests of elders. 

PLEDCO will only deal with a designated elder’s group/spokesperson to be formed by each of the 4 PLEDCO communities. The elder’s group may designate a representative that is not an elder to represent them for the purpose of communications/mobility. The designated elder’s group/spokesperson will be inclusive of all elders in the community and all applications shall have the support of the majority. Individual Elders are still eligible for PLEDCO’s Economic Development Assistance Program. Elders may decide to combine groups or projects to maximize the impact of the funding. Projects will be eligible for 100% funding.

PLEDCO’s Executive Director will be made available to help guide the Elders groups but is not expected to be the main facilitator. PLEDCO’s executive director may help with applications but will not be the main contributor for conflict of interest purposes. A community may choose to appoint a spokesperson for the elder’s group if the community cannot form a group themselves, in these cases PLEDCO will ask for direction from Mayor and Council.


Eligible projects

  • ---Projects concerning existing and new elders housing units. (ramps/repairs/new builds/etc.)

  • ---Hiring of personnel to teach traditional activities. These activities may include but are not exclusive of the following: Fishing, Trapping, Wild Rice Harvesting, Beading


Any materials needed to undertake traditional activities will be eligible for funding. Effort will be given to provide multiple quotes on equipment. New equipment is preferred.

Funding may be used to hire personnel to help elders maintain their quality of life. This will include help with food gathering and minor repairs/maintenance of elder’s property.

The elder’s initiative fund can be used as equity towards a normal application for economic development assistance with PLEDCO up to 75% of project costs.

Funds not disbursed in the fiscal year shall be allowed to roll over in to the next years allocation by recommendation of the PLEDCO board. 

Funds will be made available for Elders gatherings in the region. eligible costs include:

  • ---Expenses related to a meal within reason 

  • ---Expenses related to space rental

  • ---Expenses related to advertisement of gathering

  • ---Expenses related to meeting materials 


Scholarships, Elders may decide to put aside money to award a scholarship in their community each year. 


Ineligible projects

  1. ---Any reimbursement for pre-existing expenses or previously committed/expended funds

  2. ---The funds may not be used for Individual meeting expenses such as Mileage, Accommodations, Meals, Honorarium.

  3. ---Reimbursement connected to the loss of use of the primrose lake bombing range land. 

  4. ---Costs associated with medical travel, prescriptions, benefits or any expense related to a medical condition

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